Process Sentry

The best solution for managing your business process

Give yourself a simple and clear vision of your digital activities.

What Process Sentry brings to your company ?

ACS Digital Software reveals the 4 major advantages of its Process Sentry solution.

A solution adapted to any type of business (TPE, SME, public sector, large account)

Easily manage the success of your automated data exchanges with the Process Sentry solution.

The advantages of Process Sentry

While automation simplifies business operation, Process Sentry centralizes your business activities view with 3 specific characteristics

How does it work when you setup the Solution Process Sentry ?

Information System without Process Sentry

Lack of intormation sharing
Lack of exchange between actors

whitout process - schema
acs - arrow
Process - right arrow
with processsentry - schema

Your Information System with Process Sentry solution

Our solution Process Sentry centralizes and monitors flows in a unique vision of each business

Thanks to Process Sentry, you ensure the loyalty and trust of your customers. Indeed, you will have unparalleled uptime with one of the most resilient data exchange and sharing solutions in the world. Indeed, the Process Sentry cloud solution contributes and ensures your operational performance.

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