Process Sentry makes your applications easily interoperable

Process Sentry Cloud Solution Meets Universal Automation Demand

Process Sentry provides an answer to all the challenges faced by modern businesses in adopting many digital applications.

Indeed, our solution allows your applications to exchange data easily and securely.

The industry 4.0 requires automated process and is moving towards connected and smarter business applications.

Interoperability is defined as “the ability of two or more systems or components to exchange information and to use the information that has been exchanged (IEEE press).

Manage automation

Your digital transformation

In many companies, digital transformation means an increase in the number of applications used. In fact, process automation eliminates repetitive tasks and improves overall business performance.

The reliability of your business process

On the other hand, many companies face significant risks associated with these automation projects. This is a crucial step in the development of the company. It is important to entrust it to a professional you trust.

Process Sentry ensures success in your automation initiatives thanks to :

The Process Sentry application is based on an open solution for any application interfaces :

API with more than
700 interfaces

Tablet automat - sentry

Developed on a Dynamics 365 database and integrated into the Power Platform, our solution can natively use the 700 connectors made available by Microsoft to connect to applications.

Use of
specific connectors

connectors - tablet process sentry

Thanks to our software, your automated data exchanges can use specific or personalized APIs. Regardless of the interfaces, the Process Sentry solution will meet all your needs.

Monitor the success of your business tasks

Increased reliability

Process Sentry solution reinforces reliability of automated operations through a strong monitoring capacity.

Controlled tasks performed

The solution offers an easier and more comprehensive control of task execution, related to applications interoperability.

The Process Sentry product interface monitors business continuity :

The Process Sentry software ensures the success of automated business process execution by simply scheduling and monitoring the data exchange between applications :

monitoringok - schema
monitoringerror acs - schema

The dashboard shows the success of ongoing processes. The IT team in charge of support monitors the exchanges.

In the event of an error, all the impacted teams (business / IT) are instantly informed. Corrective actions are implemented.

Improve cooperation between the different actors in your organization thanks to Process Sentry innovation

Understandable features for all company users :

Process sentry - computer
Functionalities - process