Our history, our values, our mission

Who are we ?

ACS Digital Software is above all a company with a team of partners united around common values:

Commitment, Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Success, Trust, Community

We created ACS Digital Software because, like you, we once faced problems with data transfer and the interoperability of our applications.

Based on this observation, we have been developing a cloud solution since 2016. Process Sentry was created to help us in our daily tasks.

Galvanized by the success of our cloud solution, we created ACS Digital Software in 2021 and have made it our mission to put our experience and our application at the service of our customers. We are thirsty for success and this success, we want to share it with you.

Our ambition is none other than to become a leader on the interoperability market in the next five years and you can help us do so.

Our ACS Digital Software team

The creators of the Process Sentry cloud solution

ACS - Sébastien Massat

Sébastien Massat

CEO and Co-Founder

With a background in IT, Sébastien MASSAT is an expert in the architecture of information systems. He specializes in managing the interoperability of the applications he manages on a daily basis.

In 2011, he founded Keysofts. With his collaborators, Sébastien offers advice and services to CIOs of major schools or major accounts where he intervenes in the structuring, improvement and management of their business processes.

Based on the observation that the existing tools on the market today are expensive and complex in their implementation, Sébastien embarked on the development of the Process Sentry solution in 2016 and created the company ACS Digital Software in 2021 to ensure its marketing. .
ACS - Éric Joly

Eric Joly


Coming from an IT background, Eric has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the various software professions. In particular, Eric has worked through sales and services functions at American publishers including IBM, CA, BMC Software and recently New Relic in the Cloud/Saas field.

More recently, Eric also participated in the creation of QosGuard, a startup that he successfully developed over a period of 9 years in the application performance and information systems sector.

Eric joins the Process Sentry adventure in 2020 and will be one of the founding partners of ACS Digital in 2021 by taking over as Sales Director.


Commitment, success, customer satisfaction, quality, trust, community

What unites us:

Our values determine our daily actions and bear witness to what unites us and pushes us to go further. Indeed, they govern the way we work with each other, with our customers and our partners. Then, they form our identity and constitute a solid base which differentiates us from other editors. Moreover, in a constantly changing world, our values are constant, aligned with our vision of the company. All this to never lose sight of who we are today and what we aspire to tomorrow.

Personalized support to meet your needs

ACS Digital Software provides you with all the players essential to the success of your project.


Our consultants are at your side to develop an effective and progressive deployment strategy. They also help you in change management to make your IT and business teams adhere to the project.


Our technicians participate in the installation and configuration of the solution in your Azure environment. They are also listening to all your comments and feedback to improve our product.


Our trainers provide skills development and support for your teams for optimal use of the Process Sentry solution. We offer courses adapted to each participant and to each level of expertise.


Our support service center offers you a single point of contact. It accompanies you and centralizes all your requests for assistance. In most cases, it is able to immediately provide you with the solution to your problem.